Fengshui Audit Service (风水)

Feng Shui In Da House shared some insights on pre-requisites before engaging Fengshui audit service.

Our intention is to share an outline of whatto expect before and look out for during audit process. In this way, you will be more prepared and react to unforeseen challenges.

We hope through this sharing, the audit experience with us will be a positive and seamless one as we take pride in ensuring smooth transaction with good audit result.

In Feng Shui In da House, we curate masters beforehand. Curated masters will not cross-sell Fengshui items and instead focus on the audit goal.

Audit Types

In general, these are the audit packages available:

1. Residential audit on pre-purchase or purchased

2. Commercial audit for both pre-purchase or purchased

3. Ancestral tablet/ tomb audit

4. Individual office room audit

5. Office desk/ Work from home desk audit

At end of the day, audit experience with master is positive as we streamlined & facilitate the administrative and audit requirements.

These greatly reduce the hassle of following up with master as they have so many clients to entertain on hand. Through our priority queue, these are taken care of with transparency in pricing.

This is the experience standard we always strive for and constantly seek owner feedback to continuously improve and serve them.

Below are masters who can get service done to reach what you intend to achieve.

Click below profiles to learn more about the Master

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