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We are a platform where we curate & connect consumers needs to masters service.

Our curated metaphysics services consists of astrology, fengshui, numerology and tarot. Giving you the best recommendation for your clarity, prosperity & happiness.

What we do:

1. Recommending curated masters & specialised instructors

2. Sharing facts, information & knowledge for better understanding

3. Hosting/ Organising online and offline events, workshops & seminars

We as a neutral party do not provide in-house consultancy in order to best serve consumers at heart and avoid conflict of interest.

Aim to guide consumers better decision making during masters selection by providing clarity and guidance through our star recommendation.

Our main intention is to reduce hassle, time and aimlessly searching through multiple channels (forums, hearsay or individual master website) to decide engagement which may not yield positive results.

Lastly, we seek your support in making this community a better place through your support, reviews and recommendation to friends.