Simple quote FSDH in Da Wei Arts website or “家居风水” when you purchase in store. If you need help on Feng shui arts, simple reach out to us for advice.

Property Audit Promotion

Promotion applicable for local & overseas residential & commercial property

Personalised Astrology report

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Working with consultants, we offer quick consulting online to guide your decision making. Ask us a targeted question in one of these areas such as love, career, wealth, health, etc…

One of the following methods will be then be used:

  1. Feng Shui methodology such as Bazi, Numerology, etc…
  2. Tarot cards reading
  3. Astrology natal chart

And an expertise answer will be shared to you via Whatsapp/ email/ Zoom whichever you preferred. We are providing global consultation service.

Not sure what question to ask, see detail here.

So hurry, reach out to us to get your question answered faster than ever.

Online Reading

Complimentary Services

  1. Free Bazi Calculator: Get your destiny chart with our bazi profiling
  2. East West Group: Identify homes beneficial to you before purchase
  3. Flying Stars (飞星) Feng Shui: Find auspicious stars in your home

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